Animal welfare

Increasingly restrictive animal welfare legislation and the demand of ever more exigent and conscious consumers will give enlightened farmers a great opportunity:

to be more competitive in a global market and to become pioneers of the change towards sustainable livestock farming.


Greater attention to animal welfare contributes to improving the quality and quantity of the final products.
Companies that monitor air quality in animal housings increase productivity and profit.


FarmBeat is the customised, flexible and innovative solution for farm monitoring.
We create tailor-made solutions with the aim of generating value for livestock productions, for farm operators and for the environment.

FarmBeat: the farm of the future, now!

The IOT solution for environmental monitoring in animal housings. Wherever you are.

More than 20 parameters monitored

Temperature, Humidity, Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, Particles (PM 10, PM2.5), VOC, Barometric pressure, Ozone, THI, Methane, Carbon monoxide, Noise, Light, Hydrogen sulphide, water and electricity consumption are just some of the parameters measured by our system. With FarmBeat everything is customisable.

Piattaforma Cloud

Farmbeat is a unique device developed and assembled in Italy that allows you, through our cloud platform, to keep under control environmental parameters, energy consumption and therefore the well-being of your animals.

You can integrate Farmbeat with the automation systems already present in your premises to get the maximum benefit.

Scientific data

We give you the exact concentration of the pollutant that affects the performance of your farm. You will always have an objective data to act promptly. Thanks to the integrated consumption measurements, it is possible to identify water and electrical losses. You can receive alerts in the event of faults, saving on operating costs and improving plant performances.

FarmBeat is the solution

Suitable to any kind of farm


Pre-configured and customised system, all you need is a power outlet and GSM coverage.

Dati sempre al sicuro, ovunque

With your credentials you will always have your data at hand on a secure server.

Certified and calibrated sensors

Each sensor is certified and calibrated for reliable data at all times.

How much can you save with Farmbeat?

Which animal are you farming? Find out how you can save on business running costs.


The USDA-ARS Poultry Research Unit (Mississippi, USA) shows that in a 50.000 birds farm, prolonged exposure to 25ppm of ammonia leads to a loss of 26 grams per head (or 1,300 kg less per production cycle); while long-term exposure to 50ppm of this gas leads to a loss of 243 grams per animal (12,150 kg less per production cycle).


In cattle farms, high values of carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) reduce mucociliary activity, which is the first barrier of defence that these animals have against pathogens. In particular, ammonia has a toxic action on the mucous membranes that leads to the fall of the vibrating cilia and the rupture of the pulmonary alveoli. The animal is thus weakened against the attack of viruses and bacteria present in the farming environment, such as those that cause bovine respiratory syndrome (BRD).


Checking the levels of ammonia in the stable provides precise information on animals’ health. Farmbeat measures exactly what your animals breathe and thus makes it possible, for example, to optimise litter renewal and so doing to increase milk production.


Pigs' growth slows by up to 20% when the animals are exposed to high levels of ammonia. Moreover, knowing the levels of hydrogen sulphide inside the housing, operations such as the emptying of the manure tanks can be better planned in order to maintain low the gas levels, preventing mishandling that can cause irreversible consequences.